Janis Eckhart is one of the handful of authentic dramatic mezzo-soprano voices in opera today. With a range that encompasses nearly three octaves, Ms. Eckhart's unique instrument produces a rich, abundant sound that is true in pitch, thrilling in quality, and mesmerizing in presence.

"Janis Eckhart became a strong-voiced blonde bombshell in a tour de force acting and singing role…"
The Los Angeles Times

"Of the vocal soloists, honors go to mezzo-soprano Janis Eckhart, whose rich sound and sensitive singing made the Agnus Dei a highlight."
The Atlanta Journal

"This young North American developed each one of her difficult roles majestically, with a beautiful voice that was well-pitched and of a highly attractive color. She is an artist of refinement and of great enchantment on stage."
El Nacional (Caracas)

"La mezzosoprano americana Janis Eckhart, stupenda, provocante bionda, ha estasiato per la procacitá e l'interpretazione scènica e vocale di Maddalena."
Il Giornale (Milano)

Although Carmen remains a cornerstone of her career, Ms. Eckhart claims Verdi as her favorite composer because "he wrote the most fulfilling music for the dramatic mezzo-soprano voice—compelling music for compelling emotions. Verdi's mezzos are emotionally distraught women on the verge. It's great fun to sing the 'roller coaster' roles: Azucena, Amneris, and Eboli." These are the most challenging Italian dramatic roles and Ms. Eckhart's voice is never more splendid with its thrilling range and expressive beauty than when performing Verdi's mezzo heroines.

"Janis Eckhart, singing the role of Amneris, has it all. A dynamic mezzo-soprano with a powerful voice, she has all eyes riveted on her when she is on stage. Her fabulous costumes and personal beauty, with her dramatic flair, make her a formidable presence.
The Post (Palm Beach)

"Eckhart as Amneris is outstanding. Act IV gives her the vehicle for one of the most poignant moments in opera. She is superb in all her scenes as Amneris, but this scene is a triumph in a voice rich in color and excitement."
Delaware State News

"Janis Eckhart, à la voix aussi généreuse que ses charmes, fut une captivante Maddalena."
Nice Matin

"…phenomenal stage presence, Eckhart held the stage, riveting the audience with her anguish in the Judgment Scene."
The News-Journal Papers

As the reviews attest, critics and audiences alike have never failed to notice her onstage magnetism and spellbinding voice:

"As the seductive Lalume, Janis Eckhart deployed a husky mezzo-soprano voice and a stage personality that called to mind a cross between Bette Midler and Mae West."
The New York Times

"She held her audience silently enamored of her vocal devices and visual enticements as Dalila."
Bulletin Today (Philippines)

"New York City Opera mezzo Janis Eckhart has a major-league voice, reminiscent in timbre of that great mezzo of another generation, Risë Stevens. It is worth half an evening to hear her warm vocalization of Solvejg's Song."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Lovely Janis Eckhart can easily win an audience not only with her operatic singing prowess but with her vivaciousness and enthusiasm as well."
The Times Journal (Manila)